Why You Need Appointment SMS — and How to Get Started

  • No income, same costs
    Missed appointments mean that not only are you paying your staff and overheads, no-shows mean lost revenue. It’s a lose-lose situation.
  • Opportunity cost
    By booking an appointment that results in a no-show, you may have had to turn away other paying customers (who may or may not have returned).
  • Waiting around can be frustrating
    No one likes feeling like their time is not valuable!

SMS for Appointments: A Game-Changer

  • Confirming, and reminding customers of bookings and scheduled events
  • Notifying attendees of upcoming appointments, consultations, or events
  • Reminding clients to make bookings for recurring services or check-ups
  • Setting up meetings and interviews
  • Sending information should bookings be changed
  • Roster updates — ensuring that staff are aware of their scheduled shifts
  • Following up after the event — eg. to request feedback, provide additional information to get the best out of your product, or seek further information to complete a job.

Examples of SMS Appointment Reminders

  1. A greeting that includes the client’s first name,
  2. Clear identification of who they are receiving this message from,
  3. Information about the date and time of the appointment,
  4. Clear instructions for the recipient should they wish to change their appointment.

Example 1: Using a Link to Cancel/Reschedule

Example 2: Confirmation by Return Message

The Impact of No-Shows

  • Disruption to the continuity of care/service
  • Prolonged delays
  • Hinderance of diagnosis and treatment
  • Enormous amount of wasted time and resources
  • More expensive care: many providers charge a last-minute cancellation fee or collect a non-refundable deposit to offset some of the cost of no-shows. Even from consistently reliable clients.

Why People Fail to Attend Appointments

Man in a waiting room, looking impatient.
  • Personal/work-related issues
  • Issues with transport
  • Illness/too unwell to attend
  • Negative mindset or poor executive function (especially related to healthcare)
  • Cost concerns
  • Opted for another provider
  • Did not believe the appointment was important
  • Better use of staff resources
  • Better available appointment utilisation
  • Higher revenue
  • Lower no-shows and unfulfilled appointment rates
  • Reduced waiting periods for clients

Ways to Configure SMS Appointment Automations

  1. Setting up an autoresponder in the ClickSend dashboard
  2. Using our APIs to create a powerful, fully customised solution
  3. No code integrations through booking or scheduling software

1. Automate SMS Replies Within the ClickSend Dashboard

  • time-based: for sending at regular time intervals
  • contact-based: for sending based on when a contact is added to the list
  • reply-based (or inbound): for sending automated responses

2. Code Your Own Custom Solution

3. No-Code Integration with Your Booking Software

Direct Google Calendar Integration — New!

Vik Booking Plugin — for Hotels and Accommodation

Direct Zoho Bookings Integration

Indirect Scheduling Integrations: Calendly, Acuity Scheduling, Simplybook.me, Appointlet and More

Example: Acuity Scheduling and ClickSend via Automate.io

  1. Choose your Trigger: select your scheduling tool, then ‘New Appointment’.
  2. Create your Action: choose ClickSend and then ‘Send an SMS to a Contact’.
  3. Match up the Input Fields
    This is where you match to, from, message content and when you want the message to send.

Example: Calendly and ClickSend via Zapier

Work With ClickSend!




Business Communications. Solved. Otherwise a massive lover of all things tech and marketing.

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Business Communications. Solved. Otherwise a massive lover of all things tech and marketing.

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