SMS vs MMS — Which is Better?

So what’s the difference between SMS and MMS?

  • Long messages of up to 5000 characters
  • A subject line of up to 64 characters
  • Multimedia files — images (.png, .jpeg, .gif), audio and more.

SMS vs MMS: A Comparison

Should you use SMS?

SMS vs MMS - graphic of handset receiving SMS

When to Use SMS:

  • You want to send short, sharp, simple messages
  • You need to send a message fast, without waiting on new imagery
  • Cost-efficiency and budget concerns are important
  • To suit delivery to any and all phones (not all phone plans are MMS-enabled)

Should you use MMS?

  • 15% higher clickthrough rate than SMS
  • The four-fold likelihood that your message will be shared by consumers
  • 20% fewer opt-outs

When to Use MMS

SMS vs MMS - graphic of handset receiving MMS
  • Send more detailed messages, similar to an email but faster (and no spam filters!)
  • Photos, videos, or GIFs
  • Event Posters
  • Maps/Directions
  • Menus
  • QR codes

How to Choose SMS vs MMS: Some Examples

  • The fashion industry is well suited to MMS, as there is a whole world of opportunity when it comes to creating eye-catching imagery.
  • Food and travel industries can also benefit from MMS, given the scope of great content that can be shared.
  • Emergency alerts are urgent, succinct communications that must relay basic information quickly and without distraction. SMS is the most reliable, cost-efficient way to deliver these messages.
  • Appointment reminders and booking confirmations need to be clear and concise — whether it’s for a medical appointment, a salon booking, or a personal training session, automated reminders reinforce and improve attendance rates. SMS is perfect for this.
  • Run an eCommerce store? Amp up your cart abandonment marketing with MMS — give your customers a visual reminder of the products they are missing out on.
  • Event invitations work well when delivered via MMS. It’s also great for sending tickets with a graphic and a QR code, eliminating any need for attendees to print a ticket.

Let’s Get Sending: SMS, MMS and More




Business Communications. Solved. Otherwise a massive lover of all things tech and marketing.

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Business Communications. Solved. Otherwise a massive lover of all things tech and marketing.

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