SMS — Top Benefits in Strategic Marketing

SMS plays an essential role in a strategic marketing plan. It can be used alongside email marketing, direct mail marketing, social media marketing and other efforts to boost your reach and engage with consumers. SMS marketing is first and foremost cost-effective, and a mass text messaging service allows you instant delivery to an unlimited number of SMS recipients. There is an array of other distinct benefits of adopting SMS and using premium SMS gateways like that offered by ClickSend:

SMS Benefits for Business

Delivery is Instantaneous — SMS marketing is the fastest way to communicate with consumers, as delivery is instant (averaging fewer than seven seconds), open rates are extremely high at 98%, and almost every mobile phone user has their phone within arm’s reach at all times. There is no more effective way of getting your message out and read than via SMS.

Opt-In and Opt-Out are Simple — simple opt-in is essential to encourage consumers to agree to receive marketing messages, and a simple, fast opt-out facility is essential by law. With shortcodes, SMS marketing opting in and out is streamlined and instant and no personal information is required by the business except a name and a mobile number. The simplicity of this process is ideal for consumer loyalty and satisfaction.

The Platform is Flexible — from bulk SMS to your entire customer database or to smaller, targeted groups within it, the best SMS platforms and services allow for customisation of your SMS content and campaigns based on your needs any time and those of your subscribers. Ideally, you’ll also be able to integrate your SMS campaign into your other digital marketing strategic efforts.

Conversion Rate is High — subscribers act on SMS far more than for any other marketing channel. From eliciting appointment confirmations to offering promotional deals or running competitions, consumers take positive action on SMS quickly.

It is Reliable — SMS is not hampered by email filters or spam filters. It is not discarded like a lot of print promotional material that is delivered to physical letterboxes, and it is not ignored or hung up upon like marketing voice calls. There is no barrier to SMS and every message has actively been subscribed to in the opt-in process.

It is Concise — modern consumers have limited attention spans for marketing material and SMS is perfect as it is clear, concise and to the point. Only relevant information is shared.


  • It is preferred by Consumers — the vast majority of consumers prefer SMS for communication, over voice calling, print mail, and email. It is modern and shows a business is up to date and cares about their client base.
  • It is Environmentally-Sustainable — no paper, no printing, no cost to the environment.
  • Marketing Potential is Unlimited — almost every consumer in Australia, across all demographics, has a mobile phone — which means almost every consumer in Australia can be accessed by SMS. This represents unprecedented marketing potential.

Partner with ClickSend to send SMS online and discover the myriad ways it can benefit the growth, reach, and success of your business enterprise. Contact us today to learn more.




Business Communications. Solved. Otherwise a massive lover of all things tech and marketing.

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Business Communications. Solved. Otherwise a massive lover of all things tech and marketing.

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