Shared Shortcodes Are Changing: What You Need to Know

What is an SMS Shortcode?

3 Message Examples Sent From a Shared Shortcode
  • Shortcodes can send and receive SMS at high volume.
  • Being 5–6 digits long, shortcodes are far more memorable than long code numbers; this makes it easier for customers to opt in or engage with the number.
  • It’s much easier to customise shortcodes or create vanity shortcodes of your business name/product.

Dedicated vs Shared Shortcodes

  • the fashion retailer might use a keyword like DRESS
    eg. “Hi Maya, text DRESS to 123456 for 20% off our latest summer dress picks…
  • the taco shop might choose TACO as their keyword (or even the taco emoji)
    eg. “Hi Nadine, text TACO or 🌮 to 123456 to place your order…
  • the online software provider might have STOCK as their keyword
    eg. “Hi Harry, text STOCK to 123456 to get free access to our stock image library — this week only!

Shared Codes: Shared Risk

Shared Codes, Shared Risk - Example of SMS Spam Through Shortcode

New Changes For Shared Shortcodes

Alternatives to Shared Shortcodes

Shared Longcode

Dedicated Toll-Free Number

Two Messages from One Shared Long Code Number - SMS Shortcodes

Dedicated Shortcode

Life After Shared Shortcodes



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