How to Design an Engaging MMS Campaign

  • With MMS, you can add all kinds of rich media right inside your messages, including images, gifs, and audio files.
  • Plus, you can write up to 1,600 characters in a single message. With SMS you’re restricted to 160.

Why You Should Use MMS For Your Marketing Campaign

  • More visually captivating get your audience’s attention more quickly with imagery.
  • Tell a richer story access up-to 1600 characters in your MMS message (in case the 1000 words your picture gave was not quite enough!)
  • Better branding opportunities ensure all your communications include your brand identity; instead of sending a text-based message, use the MMS medium to showcase what your brand is all about!

5 Tips for Designing Marketing MMS

1. A Strong Subject Line

  • Don’t Miss Out!
  • You’re Invited!
  • Buy 1, Get 1 Free — or just FREE!
  • Win Now!
  • Exclusive Offer!

2. Compelling Content

  1. Make your offer time-sensitive to create a sense of urgency
  2. Offer a larger incentive than you would usually do for SMS
  3. Include a unique website link (helpful for measuring results)
  4. Include clear opt-out facility

3. Animated or Static Imagery?

4. Optimise!

  1. Saving the image as .jpg
  2. Reduce .jpg image quality from 100 to 60
  3. Reduce colour gradients in the image
  4. Reduce the number of animation frames per second (GIFs)
  5. Cut rather than fading
  6. Use vector illustrations
  7. Run the image through an online compression tool — we like TinyJPG.
Testing MMS on Multiple Handsets

5. Test

6 Ways to Use Bulk MMS

1. Animated Cards

2. Promotions

Spread Your Message with MMS

3. Competitions

4. Instructional Videos

5. News Broadcasts

6. Reminders

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