Host Sell-Out Events with SMS Automation

What is SMS Automation?

Why Use SMS Automation?

  • Save time and human resources by “setting and forgetting” messaging campaigns
  • Enhance the sophistication of your campaigns for better results
  • Eliminate human error and improve the messaging process

Basic Types of Automated SMS

  1. SMS Drip Campaigns — drive engagement by methodically sending messages. These are distributed at specified intervals based on actions related to your automation system that the user performs.
  2. Reminders — target specific customers or clients for timely reminders of appointments they have made or events they have expressed interest in. Include digital prompts to confirm/cancel/reschedule appointments.
  3. Auto Responses — confirm subscriptions, bookings, and payments instantly when a user takes such an action. Provide further information or links to access such, and dynamically drive further engagement.
  4. Link Tracking — track and trace click-throughs for analysis and future targeting purposes.
  5. Recurring Messaging — send out regular bulk SMS messages at intervals that suit your business. These include event reminders, sales, and B2B communications and can be sent weekly, monthly, or at any interval that meets your (and your audience’s) needs.

Automated SMS for Event Promotion

Engage your Target Audience

  • Recruit Event Staff — and manage rosters. Request real-time updates from staff during your event.
  • Advertise Ticket Sales — let your subscribers know when and how to get tickets and build anticipation for this.
  • Send Confirmations — as soon as tickets are purchased.
  • Deliver Tickets Digitally — send tickets directly to your customers’ mobile devices for maximum convenience for all parties.
  • Maximise Attendance — send timely reminders for your event and hype your audience ahead of time.
  • Keep Your Audience Informed — send automated text messages with updates, emergency alerts, weather notifications, and information about the venue (transport, parking, accessibility).
  • Boost Engagement — build excitement before and during the event by broadcasting event schedules, promoting venues, engaging with fans, running pre-event polls and sweepstakes, and directing your audience to captivating content via an SMS attachment or shortcode link.
  • Build Brand Awareness and Social Engagement — text video links and social media content.
  • Send Day-Of Details — distribute important information to ticketholders first thing in the morning of the event. This includes the event lineup, venue access details, venue rules, parking options, last-minute changes, discounts for subscribers at event venue vendors, and door-open/event duration timing details.

Which types of events benefit from SMS automation?

  • Concerts
  • Live Theatre
  • Cinemas
  • Festivals
  • Fairs
  • Sporting events
  • Community events
  • Conferences
  • Trade shows
  • Corporate events

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