Direct Mail — 10 Examples of Perfectly Executed Campaigns

So what exactly do we mean by ‘direct mail’?

  • You can target specific locations and regions, tailoring content to resonate with the locals
  • Reach and engage with audiences who are not online
  • Bypass digital inbox fatigue
  • Stand out from digital marketing content; no fight for visibility in an email inbox, social media feed or search rankings.
  • Deliver marketing material that is more likely to be kept for future reference.

10 Examples of Perfectly Executed Direct Mail Campaigns

Mercedes Benz: Coupé or Cabriolet?

Mercedes Benz Envelope

Amazon Rewards

Amazon Direct Mail Envelope

WWF Philippines: Stickies, Candlebox

WWF Earth Hour Candle Mailer

Land Rover Balloons

Land Rover's Helium Balloon Direct Mail Example

World Water Day, Belgium

World Water Day Postcard Marketing Example

World Vision: Hands for Hope

Direct Mail Example from World Vision

The Economist: Brainy Balloons

The Economist Brain Balloon Mail Campaign

Hello Fresh Mailer Campaign

Direct Mail Example from Hello Fresh

Estée Lauder Free Gift Postcards

Estée Lauder Postcard Marketing Example

Restaurants: Mix&Match Burger Grand Opening

Restaurant Opening Direct Mail Example - Mix&Match Burger

Feeling excited for your first direct mail campaign?




Business Communications. Solved. Otherwise a massive lover of all things tech and marketing.

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Business Communications. Solved. Otherwise a massive lover of all things tech and marketing.

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