Are you using Two-Factor Authentication for your business?

If you are serious about cyber security and protecting your users, simply enabling passwords is no longer secure enough. Read on to find out why two-factor authentication (2FA) is important and why use SMS to enable it.

Limitations of Passwords: Why Enable 2FA

Online security has never been…

Editors note: while we are quite fond of the ever-reliable text message here at ClickSend Towers we’re also aware of the value new and emerging communications channels bring. WhatsApp for Business is a messaging platform that has a lot to offer for the small business community. We like it a…

Are you using SMS for Recruitment?

Reaching out to a wide pool of candidates in a timely manner is critical for a smooth recruitment process. It’s important for the reputation of your business and brand. Using SMS software for communicating is the fastest and most reliable channel, outweighing email, post…

SMS marketing and transactional text messaging are very versatile ways to communicate with your customers. The ways businesses can use texts are diverse and it is becoming the primary channel through which brands and businesses communicate with their customer base.

Why? SMS is an effective, affordable, and efficient way to…


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