Business texts: should you send them from your cell phone number, a business name, a shared number, or a dedicated number?

We’ll run you through the pros and cons of them all in this post, but here’s a snapshot.

Have you tried our online print and mail service?

At ClickSend Towers, we like Google Docs (and Google Suite) for the ability to seamlessly collaborate with our coworkers and partners. And we aren’t alone.

Before the pandemic hit, Google reported that Google Suite had 2 billion active users every month. A year and a half later, the world is really understanding what shifting offices into the home can look like. This is thanks, in part, to tools that allow teams to collaborate no matter where they are.

But one task is often overlooked.

How to Print and Mail Documents without a Printer

Most offices have a large office printer…

Editors note: while we are quite fond of the ever-reliable text message here at ClickSend Towers we’re also aware of the value new and emerging communications channels bring. WhatsApp for Business is a messaging platform that has a lot to offer for the small business community. We like it a lot and will have more to say on it in the future, so keep your eyes peeled. 😉

Anyhoo, until then we thought we’d get some specialist info and insights on getting started with WhatsApp for your business. If you’re interested in that then this is the guide for you…

Are you using SMS for Recruitment?

Reaching out to a wide pool of candidates in a timely manner is critical for a smooth recruitment process. It’s important for the reputation of your business and brand. Using SMS software for communicating is the fastest and most reliable channel, outweighing email, post, and voice calls. The vast majority of recipients greatly prefer text messaging.

Why Use SMS for Recruitment?

The ultimate goal in recruitment is to attract the very best talent. You need to select the candidate who is the best fit for the job and the culture of your business. …

SMS marketing and transactional text messaging are very versatile ways to communicate with your customers. The ways businesses can use texts are diverse and it is becoming the primary channel through which brands and businesses communicate with their customer base.

Why? SMS is an effective, affordable, and efficient way to connect.

Why is SMS so popular? Not only does bulk SMS offer an affordable way to reach many recipients at once, but open rates for SMS also exceed those of any other communications channel. At a near 100% delivery rate and 98% open rates within just minutes of text message…

Text-to-join campaigns — are you using them?

Collecting a pool of high-value contacts for your business marketing is important for the success of your overall strategy, especially SMS marketing, email marketing, and direct mail marketing.

Building your contact list does not need to be a headache! These campaigns are a very cost-efficient and effective way to collect the quality subscribers you seek.

What is a Text-to-Join Campaign?

This type of campaign is a simple strategy to enable interested consumers to sign up for SMS marketing content, and it is also a good way to build your email subscriber database.

Text-to-Join = Text-to-Subscribe = Join-by-Text =…

Text Messaging for Accountants, Bookkeepers, and Business Professionals: have you sent tax time messages to your clients this End of Financial Year Season?

In what is the busiest time of year for accounting and taxation businesses, you can use SMS to reduce time-consuming and repetitive communication with your clients. The benefit is two-fold; you have more time to focus on what matters during this incredibly busy time and your customers are still kept informed, which is always a good thing, and means they’re contacting you less, which is never a bad thing.

If you’ve never considered SMS before here are…

SMS Automation: has your business built an automated text message workflow?

Transactional messages and personalised marketing are messages that you don’t want to be sending one-by-one. There are simply not enough hours in the day! Take your customers on a journey with your business using SMS automation. Have real conversations with your customers and staff alike; make full use of automations to send instant, highly personalised text messages.

How to Create an SMS Automation

How you choose to automate your regular messaging depends on your business type, complexity and message content. Here are the popular ways to automate texts:

In this post, Jayson from Hosting Foundry highlights 5 of the key things to remember when sending links in your text message campaigns. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves 😎

Text messaging transformed from a simple communication channel between mobile phone users to a digital marketing channel for businesses. That’s hardly surprising. The read rates on SMS messages are just as strong as ever. Around 90% of all SMS messages are opened within three minutes.

If you have an online presence, you’ll probably want to utilize text messages to funnel people to your digital properties. This guide will discuss…

More than just marketing — use text messaging to alert customers whenever an order update is made or updated, for upcoming appointment reminders, 2-factor authentication, and more. Read on to learn more about SMS notifications and why your eCommerce store needs them.

What Are SMS Notifications?

They are text messages which your business sends in response to an event or action. These notifications are clear, concise, are sent only to existing subscribers, and they cut through the noise to comply with the short attention span of most modern consumers.

Text Message Notifications — The Basics

SMS is a leading, affordable, and simple way to cut through the noise of other…


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